Energy Modeling and Consulting Services
Second Law provides building energy consulting services for building owners, project managers, engineers, and architects. Our services include building energy modeling, LEED project management, building efficiency consulting, and renewable energy consulting.

A building is a system, and energy (heat, cold, electricity, and fuel) flows in and out. In order to make the entire system as efficient as possible, it is necessary to map out precisely how the system operates. Then we develop creative solutions to make the building perform better. By engaging in a thorough analysis of a building's integrated systems, Second Law provides insightful data so clients may choose the most constructive energy efficiency measures.

Designing high-performance buildings involves a delicate balance of understanding what will work for the building's climate, site location, intended use, and project budget. By providing clients with detailed project-specific analyses, Second Law can help building owners reduce operational expenses and environmental impacts while promoting a healthy indoor environment. With experience modeling over 100 buildings and consulting for LEED Platinum and Gold projects, we provide clients with valuable data throughout the design, construction, and certification phases.


  The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that in an isolated system, variable conditions tend to balance out over time. The law accounts for the tendency of differences in temperature, chemical potential, and pressure to reach a point of equilibrium, which is measured by entropy, or disorder.  Our goal at Second Law is to help you maximize the available energy and minimize entropy.